Some of the qualities that people are looking for when they are searching for an outstanding food company, are customer service, the quality and safety of the food being served, their ability to be flexible as well as creative, and attention to detail. When you choose a company to cater an event, you want to know that you are using the best company around. One that has the most experience, and the most choice in meal offers on their menu for your guests, or clients. You also want something that has proven success in the food industry, and is well known in your community. These reasons don’t just make Al’s beef a good choice, they make them your best option. For the award winning food, look no further than Al’s beef. With the highest quality Italian beef, and award winning sandwiches, Al’s beef has numerous catering offers that will help to make your catered event a hit for sure. 

Al’s italian beef has been in the sausage and peppers business since 1938, bringing mouth watering food and Italian beef sandwiches, not to mention their variety of genuine pastas, to the table for years. Satisfying the communities appetite in all of their locations, now they are bringing all of that delicious food straight to you with their new and improved vast menu options.

Hot dogs, Pasta, Sandwiches or Party Trays

Whether you are looking for a hot dog day, pasta party, or a simple ready party tray, Al’s beef has numerous styles to help fulfill all of your catered event needs. You can even choose to go with the build your beef buffet. The best catered event starts with the best offers. All of which you find when you choose Al’s beef. Don’t forget the drinks and dessert! You, and your guests, will love the dessert options.

Al’s beef comes prepared to your catering event, right down to the utensils and table coverings. Whatever your catering needs, Al’s italian beef has you covered. You can even rent service items like a reusable chafing rack, or heating kits to help maintain the temperature of your food, helping your catered event to last longer. With more than just quality beef, and award winning sandwiches, the Al’s beef catering service comes fully prepared to meet all of your catering needs. With Al’s catering you’re paying for more than just a meal a head, you’re paying for quality and the preparedness that comes with having food service experience.

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The next time that you are trying to find a delicious restaurant to cater your work, or family, event make sure you remember all of your options. Award winning sandwiches, mouth watering desserts, and delectable genuine italian pastas. Al’s italian beef is the perfect catering company, with the best catering options. Offering you a wide selection of catering techniques, and the best flavors in the highest quality Italian beef. Helping you prepare, and present your feast in an affordable and creative fashion.